Our team of ambassadors

As a small organisation, we rely greatly on grassroots support and the HOPE Ambassadors are pillars that sustain this support and its continued growth. Our network of Ambassadors provides HOPE with an exceptional support system that spreads from the South Coast all the way to North West Scotland, and everywhere in between!

Each year a new generation of ambassadors are recruited and throughout this time, they develop skills in marketing, management and leadership to name but a few. These individuals are HOPE representatives at their respective university and are charged with overseeing and developing the reputation and awareness of Hope for Children within the student body, as well as in other facets of university life. Their responsibilities can stretch from launching awareness events to managing and leading expedition groups. In addition, they are a central component of Your Uni, Their Lives, and are instrumental in its strategic decisions, marketing campaigns and future growth.

Sam JacksonExeter
Sam Jackson
Adrianna GodziekNottingham
Adrianna Godziek (Age 21)
Natalie RubnerExeter
Natalie Rubner
Hannah NewbyNottingham
Hannah Newby (Age 24)
Louis Ghatauray - HOPE AmbassadorUCL
Louis Ghatauray
Laura Nunn - HOPE AmbassadorNottingham
Laura Nunn
Lynn MamerAbertay
Lynn Mamer
Laura MartinBournemouth
Laura Martin