Kilimanjaro Legacy the university challege by Hope for Children's "Your Uni, Their Lives"

Kilimanjaro Legacy

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most impressive sights in Africa and climbing it is one of the all-time great achievements. Rising majestically from a rolling plain close to the Indian Ocean, Kilimanjaro soars to a chilling 5,895m high peak (well above the cloud line).

It’s the highest mountain in Africa and the largest freestanding mountain in the world. The feeling you get as you climb Kilimanjaro and watch the sun rise over the vast plains from the ‘Roof of Africa’ is truly an incredible experience.

Kilimanjaro’s location on an open plain close to the Indian Ocean and its great size and height strongly influence the climate, vegetation, animal life and the climbing conditions. During the 6-day trek, you will experience 4 ecosystems and continuously find yourself in awe of the most spectacular views you are ever likely to witness. It also creates its own weather system affecting the surrounding rainfall pattern, which means that hiking Kilimanjaro requires immense stamina, persistence and a waterproof resilience.

However, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is only part of the Kili Legacy, and ironically the less important! Past participants have repeatedly confirmed that although the physical challenge was immense, the Project Visit was the highlight of the trip.

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Our Project Visit

HOPE insists that every participant partakes in our Project Visit the day before they start the climb in order to appreciate the massive impact their fundraising is having on street and working children in the region. By being exposed to one of the projects students are supporting, we hope the true Legacy they are leaving behind can be fully recognised and celebrated.