Spires of Fire, the university challenge by Hope for Children's "your uni their live"s

Spires of Fire

An amazing multi-day hiking adventure in Guatemala, where participants will summit half a dozen active volcanoes including the highest peak in Central America, Volcan Tajumulco, at an impressive 4220 metres!

This trip combines hiking, beautiful lush mountain vistas and even the chance to toast marshmallows on molten lava flows! From the beautiful Lake Atitlan surrounded by Malayan Villages to the fiery crater of Volcan Fuego, this challenge has it all!


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Extension Trips

Spires of Fire extension trip

You can extend your stay in Guatamala, either by yourself or in an organised group. Here are the extension trips offered by our friends at Choose a Challenge:

  • Learn Spanish at a local language school
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins at Tikal
  • Head to Belize for a relaxing Caribbean break

 If you would like to find out more about these, you can contact Choose a Challenge here or by calling them on 0131 454 3420.