Vicky & Lauren Join Your Uni Their Lives

Meet our new fundraisers

My name is Edward Caffyn-Parsons and my first task as a summer Fundraising Intern was to talk to the new members of the Fundraising Department, Vicky Wallace and Lauren Budd, about their experiences of joining the Hope for Children team.

Vicky has joined Hope as the charity’s new Student Fundraising Officer, whilst Lauren has joined as a year long Fundraising and Events Intern.

How did you first hear about Hope and what made you want to come and work here?

LB: I managed to get my internship as a placement through my Events Management Degree at the University of Hertfordshire.
I wanted to work for in charity and specifically Hope as it is a wonderful cause and the work is very rewarding and heart-warming.

VW: I first heard about Hope while I was studying for my degree at the University of Manchester, which lead to me doing an internship here last summer to pursue to my interest in charity work. I first became interested in charity work after travelling to Uganda and seeing the poverty for myself and how children are living there.

Have you always been involved in fundraising?

LB: Yes, I was involved in charity groups and events all throughout school and university. I also did work experience at a charity called SignHealth for about a month. I also just finished a placement with Cancer Research UK.

VW: Yes, like Lauren I also have always in some way been involved in fundraising during my time at school and university.

What are you most looking forward to about your new job?

LB: I am looking forward to gaining experience in events and fundraising, and also meeting the students that we have been working with through Your Uni, Their Lives.

VW: I am going to Tanzania soon to see our work first-hand which is very exciting. But also, like Lauren, I am really excited about meeting our student fundraisers.

What advice would you give to any students who want to get into the charity sector themselves?

LB: It is important to choose the cause that you want, for example, children, animals or the elderly – cater to what will fit you best and what you are interested in. It is also helpful to have experience in the sector, much like every career nowadays. This will also help you decide what you are interested in, and if it’s right for you in the first place.

VW: Get stuck in. Get involved. Most of your opportunities for this will come at university with your uni’s RaG Society. You have the opportunity to join up with a society of like-minded people and have resources and links to many different charities.

And what is your biggest piece of advice for students in general for life after graduation?

LB: Be prepared! Think about what you might like to do and find out what you need to do to get there. Talk to people who are there now, and how they got there. But remember to do what you will enjoy.

VW: Don’t worry about getting the perfect job straight out of uni. You have a lot of time and a lot of opportunities, so it’s not worth focusing on one thing right after you graduate. Be flexible with your plans as some things might not go your way, whilst other good opportunities will.

Any final things you want to add?

We are both looking forward to meeting with our university students!

Posted by: YUTL3 August 2015