Ambassadors Day Workshop

Successful Ambassador Day!

Every year, as part of Hope for Children’s Your Uni, Their Lives initiative we recruit a team of students as ambassadors. They bring Hope to their universities by leading challenges, running events, and generally spreading the word about our incredible work. And this year has been no different! On Saturday 17th October, we hosted 20 hopefuls at our ambassador selection day in the offices of Blackbaud Europe in London.

Overlooking Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and London Bridge, the offices of our partner Blackbaud are just a stone’s throw away from London’s most prominent skyline features – the Shard, the Gherkin and the Walkie Talkie. What better location to introduce our new supporters to what we do?

After a game or two to break the ice, students got to grips with exactly what Hope for Children does, firstly being “Hope-ified” by Student Fundraising Manager Alix Rangolam. Head of Fundraising Ed Fletcher then introduced them in more detail to case studies of our overseas programmes. It is a huge focus of Your Uni, Their Lives to connect students with the work they are supporting, and this was our first step. Our ambassadors are now filled with passion about our work, and this enthusiasm will spread to their participants, and the wider community within their university.

The day then became more exciting as Events and Fundraising Intern Lauren Budd took them through exactly what the ambassador scheme is and how they will benefit from it. Filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the year to come, it was time for a quick lunch by the Thames before the afternoon’s work focused on exactly what they’ll be doing when they go back to university.

Ambassadors were trained by Student Fundraising Officer Vicky Wallace on how exactly they will be going about marketing their events on campus, and had the chance to bounce ideas off each other to really plan their marketing strategies. To close the day, Everyday Hero’s Paul Doubleday introduced the group to their fundraising pages and exactly how they can be using them to increase their own fundraising capacity, through blogs, training updates, and linking to social media.

The afternoon finished with a quick thank-you from our team, and then off to get to know each other the only way students know how – a good few drinks!

A huge thanks is owed to Blackbaud Europe for hosting us, in particular Paul Doubleday, who helped train ambassadors on how to take full advantage of their fantastic fundraising platform. But most importantly, thanks to everyone who attended for being so switched on all day, and for taking full part in all activities that were thrown their way, whether that was an ice-breaker or a discussion on our international programmes. You guys were all amazing, and we’re looking forward to working with you all for the rest of the year!Ed Fletcher presenting about Your Uni Their Lives

Posted by: YUTL26 October 2015