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The most important aspect of Your Uni, Their Lives (YUTL) is the second part of its title: THEIR LIVES! Without the support of students and RAGs, HOPE would not be able to do much of our work in Uganda & Tanzania, where we particularly focus on helping children living and working on the streets.

Through YUTL we hope to give you a much broader and substantial knowledge of the projects you are supporting and raising funds for. To find out about how we are going to do this please see the What is YUTL section.

Below are several of the life-changing projects that are able to continue to exist because of the support of students…

Ruth Ogier


HOPE in Uganda

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HOPE Uganda Office: 0.302938, 32.609138
Peace for Children Africa (PCA): 0.321048, 32.554722
Kawempe Homecare (KHC): 0.346822, 32.571180
Namuwongo : 0.305067, 32.616794


We have been working in Uganda since 1998, when we started providing small grants to partner organisations within the country. Now the scope of our work has grown to such an extent that we have a full time team and an office in Kampala.

We only work in and around the Kampala district. This is a conscious decision as many organisations focus on the North of the country, but there is still great need in the capital.

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Meet the team

Meet the team in UgandaWe have a fantastic team in Uganda, who oversee all of our work, based out of the HOPE Uganda office in Mwenza. The team is headed up by our Country Representative, Immaculate Kiiza (far right), who has been with HOPE since 2008.  Joyce, our Social Worker & Sponsorship Manager (2nd from right), and Violet, our Community Liaison (not pictured), make up the core team.

The rest of the team is our Events for Namuwongo (EFN) team, who oversee and run all our community work in Namuwongo, a slum that is walking distance from the office. The team is led by Titus, the EFN coordinator (4th from left), and also includes, Peter, the technical engineer (3rd from left), Ruth, the team accountant (2nd from left) and Mike, the team assistant (far left). This team works tirelessly to ensure that the money raised by students through Your Uni, Their Lives (YUTL), is spent in the most effective and efficient manner. Below are a few examples of our work in Uganda, which you are directly supporting by getting involved with YUTL…

Peace for Children Africa

Peace for children in AfricaPeace for Children Africa (PCA) helps around 300 orphans and vulnerable children achieve a life safe from harm. They pride themselves on providing compassion, love, care, humility and equal opportunities to orphaned and vulnerable children.

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Kawempe Homecare

Kawempe homecareKawempe Home Care works to improve the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Cancer through providing a community based model of holistic care, which offers treatment, prevention and support.

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Namuwongo We have a number of activities in Namuwongo:

The Walk to School Programme carefully identifies those children in the community who would otherwise have no access to education and enrols them at St Barnabas, a local private school.

Events for Namuwongo have enabled us to build almost 1 Km worth of drainage to prevent flooding and clear hundreds of tons worth of rubbish.

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HOPE in Tanzania

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Mkombozi: -3.340660, 37.334211
Amani Children\'s Home: -3.353055, 37.311061


HOPE has been working in Tanzania since 2007, and since then we have developed our work throughout the country. Here, as in Uganda, there is a particular focus on working in line with one of our central themes of work, namely Street and Working Children. We work primarily with local partner organisations in order to maximise our impact, whilst maintaining and developing strong ties with the local community in order to build sustainable change. Approximately 5.6% of the population are living with HIV/AIDs. 36% of Tanzanians are currently living below the international poverty line, and there are an estimated 437,500 street and working children across the country.

Several of our partners are located in close proximity to Mt Kilimanjaro, and as a result we are extremely fortunate to be able to take students supporters to visit one of these projects. This Project Exposure Day enables students first-hand experience  of the impact the Kili Legacy and their fundraising is having on the lives of the children we support. It is an invaluable opportunity to really see how HOPE and our partners work with street children, and understand how significant students are to the continuation of our work.

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Amani Children’s Home

Namuwongo Started 12 years ago by three local Tanzanians from a rented two bedroom house Amani today provides a home and one of the best education programmes for up to 80 children found on the streets.

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Namuwongo Mkombozi supports the most vulnerable children in the Moshi and Arusha Districts of Tanzania. These children are currently on the streets or at risk of coming to the streets. There are over 1100 children living on the streets in these two districts. They have suffered from different forms of abuse, poverty, trauma, stigma, discrimination, neglect, disease and multiple losses.

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