What is YUTL?

Your Uni, Their Lives is a grassroots initiative which aims to take student fundraising to the next level by….


Who are Hope for Children and why did they create YUTL?

Hope for Children (HOPE) is a small charity with big ambitions and is still relatively young, having been founded in 1994. We rely massively on grassroots support and students are an integral part of this. Your Uni, Their Lives (YUTL) has been created to recognise and celebrate the contribution of students to HOPE. We will look to take the support of RAGs and students to the next level by connecting you to the work you are actually fundraising for. We have chosen to primarily designate funds raised through YUTL to our work in East Africa, where the significant focus of our work is with children living and working on the streets.

It all started with these 3 questions…

3 questions(1)

How YUTL works


  • International development workshops with RAGs and Ambassadors
  • Participation in awareness campaigns
  • More direct contact with overseas programmes


  • Bespoke RAG fundraising pages linked to the new YUTL website
  • Strengthen ties across campus and engage university as a whole
  • Online partner pages showcasing lifetime fundraising totals


  • Partnerships with companies offering employability guidance
  • Skill recognition and development workshops
  • Active involvement with YUTL evolution
  • Ambassador Training Program & Internship Opportunities

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